7th Grade Project ~ Life In The Thirteen Colonies ~ Fall 2015


Overview Description of the Project:

Step 1 Pre-Research:

Use the information from your textbook to confirm what you already know regarding the following topics:

Step 2 Research:

Internet Links:
Thirteen Originals: The Founding Of The American
About Early America
Outline of the Colonial Period
Thirteen Colonies from Wikipedia
Population of the Thirteen Colonies: 1630 - 1780
Interactive Thirteen Colonies
The 13 Colonies from History.com
Digital History of the Colonies
Summary of the 13 Colonies
The Thirteen Original Colonies
ABC-CLIO Database

Step 3 Logos, Slogans, & Media Literacy:

Try these sites to create your own slogan or logo:


Graphic Springs

Design Mantic



Flaming Text

Commenting In Social Media:

Step 4 Advertising Presentation Using Prezi:

Advertizing words and language:
100 Excellent Ad Words
Effective Advertizing Words
The Big List Of Advertizing Words

Step 5 Publish Advertising Presentations:

Post your creations to these Padlet walls: 7E or 7H

Project Grading Form Thirteen Colonies Project Rubric:
Project Choices List of Colony Assignments: