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✸ Be sure to include maps in your presentation, on both your handout and your class visual aid.
✸ Be sure to put your thesis statement at the top of your class handout, and e-mail it to both Mr. Hall and Ms. Russac on the second day of research.
✸ Be sure to keep up with the suggested work schedule each day, to give yourself enough time during the one-week project.
✸ Be sure to turn in your Works Cited page and your research folder on time (one week after your presentation).

To begin....

For the first step, read a whole lot of articles from many of the links on the wiki, to see what events are happening across Asia. Try to find a topic that interests you, that you wouldn't mind investigating for a week. Remember to focus on an actual change or event that is occurring now or that happened in the past two months. If you have any questions, please ask us.

By the end of the day on Monday, you should have your topic chosen.


after you have chosen your topic, you can type it into Google News to receive a full list of articles and sources from around the world.