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History Unit:
The Age Of Exploration

The Civil War & Reconstruction

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8th GradeThe Civil War & Reconstruction
Homework - Due Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - The Challenge Of Emancipation
Please use the sheet below to complete the questions about "The Challenge Of Emancipation" (refer to pg. 63 - 67 in the history textbook)"

The Era Of The Civil War - Map Of The United States In 1860 - Monday, September 11, 2017
Please use this map to examine the state of the nation in 1860:

Preview - As an introduction to this year's study, you can click here to watch explainer videos that previous 8th graders have made.

7th GradeThe Age Of Exploration

The Age Of Exploration - The Perilous Voyage - Monday, September 11, 2017
Please read this article to appreciate the risks that early sailors undertook to reach North America:

Homework - Monday, September 11, 2017
Please watch the three videos below to learn about early navigation and exploration in the Atlantic Ocean and the Americas:

Study Strategies - Here is a suggested checklist for ways to prepare for assessments in history class:

Essay Writing
Essay Writing Templates:

Here is a template to practice writing
introductory paragraphs:

Here is an outline form for writing a
five-paragraph essay:

Works Cited:
Here is the Buckley Style Manual:
Graphic Organizers:

Many students find Graphic Organizers helpful
in taking notes and in organizing ideas. This file
contains five popular formats of Graphic Organizers:

Also, the websites below offer many different types
of visual layouts that students have enjoyed using
in the past. Please help yourself to whichever
note-taking format would best suit you as an
individual learner.
Enchanted Learning Graphic Organizers
Education Place Graphic Organizers
Education Oasis Graphic Organizers
Think Technology Graphic Organizers
Stock Market Game:

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