8th Grade ~ Areas Of StudyHistory Of The United States
Essential Question For The Year: What is the role of the United States in the global community?

I. Review of the Civil War
a. Echoes of the conflict throughout modern U.S. history

II. Reconstruction
a. Relationship of the North and South (1865-1877)
b. Role of black codes, Jim Crow laws, Freedman’s Bureau, and Amendments

III. Industrial America (1860-1900)
a. Productivity, immigration, and invention
b. Vertical and horizontal integration, anti-trust laws, and robber barons

IV. Gilded Age
a. Differences in wealth: the new rich and the urban poor
b. Corruption in society and laissez-faire government

V. The Frontier and Western migration
a. Lives of settlers; development of industry; interpretations of the region
b. Changing relationships with Native Americans

VI. United States as a world force
a. Expansionist policy, new market exploration, and entrance into the Pacific

VII. World War I (1914-1918)
a. Emergence of the United States as a global power
b. Impact of growing alliances, nationalism, and technologies across Europe

VIII. The Roaring Twenties
a. Causes and effects of post-war boom; mood of government and society
b. Flourishing of art, fashion, music, and inventions during the time

IX. The Great Depression
a. Causes of the collapse; Hoover and the early years
b. Roosevelt and the New Deal

X. World War II (1941-1945)
a. Rise of dictators in Europe and Asia
b. Turning points, technologies, effort on the home front, and the Holocaust

XI. Post-War Period – Seeds of the Cold War
a. The rise of communism; Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan & containment
b. The nuclear age and the arms race

XII. The Cold War
a. Korea, Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, and pivotal moments
b. Civil Rights: leaders and legislation

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